Are you afraid to speak up?

What if they see? What if they see what I have to say? What if they hear my words? But what if they don’t? What if they never get to hear you or see you or know who you really are? Is the greater tragedy that they hear your opinion or that they never knew you had a voice? Is the greater tragedy that they find out who you are or that they never knew you existed at all?  So many individual struggles begin with the notion of isolation. That I must be the only one struggling this way. I am the only one who forgot how to do this thing and therefore will be so annoying asking for help. I am the only one who repressed queerness until her late 30s. I am the only parent of teens who doesn’t align with the parenting style of her parents and yet doesn’t have a clear example of what her style of parenting really is.  This sentiment, though common, is absurd. There is nothing new under the sun. To sit there in your struggle and to think that no one else is struggling like you is to say that you are so unique that no one else on the planet could possibly relate to what you have going on. Though that story feeds into your lack of desire to reach out for help, it is a lie. The reality is that you are not alone; none of us are. The reality is that there is at least one of not a plethora of people struggling with the exact same emotions that you are. Maybe even the exact same manifested physical reality as you. They might have been born in the same birth order as you, struggled in the same subjects as you in school and maybe even had a first heartbreak at the same age as you. Why is it important to know that you are not alone? Is it to say that your issues are smaller than they really are? Is it to say that you should just shut up because you aren’t the only one? No. It is the opposite. The purpose is to reach out and be found and understood. It is to say that your kindred spirits are out there waiting for you to prove them wrong too. They need to know that you exist. They need to know that you are out there understanding their struggle simply by your daily lived experience. By existing out loud.  When you exist out loud, you give permission to all those who are like you to exist as well. It is like a beacon call to like minded individuals that says, “It’s ok out here! It’s ok for us to be here! Your feelings are valid! Your emotions are real! You can conquer your ego self because I am conquering mine!”  Wouldn’t it be lovely? So, lovely to hear someone say that? Someone who looks like you? Sounds like you? Speaks like you? Learns like you? Lives like you? Loves like you? Wouldn’t it be so lovely to be reassured that you are not alone and that you belong? And wouldn’t it be even more lovely if you were the reason that someone else knew that right now? If you were the validation of another person’s existence. The reason for them to push on and accomplish more than they ever thought possible when they were sitting there thinking that they were the only one. . .  

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