Take Care of You


Your personal health is the most important form of wealth that you can invest in and maintain. The proper functioning of your physical body together with your mental health are the most important aspects of your personal reality. They have the power to affect everything else you perceive and create. Mental health struggles can affect your physical health and vice versa. Regularly, people who have been traumatized struggle with physical symptoms that negatively affect their quality of life. I have experienced this myself.

The people who are most likely to ignore their own mental and physical needs are usually busy caring for others. Those who have dedicated their own lives to the care of others don’t seem to find the time to care for themselves as often as they should; putting others’ needs above their own. Whether you are a parent, a nurse, a mental health professional, childcare provider, or someone whose income depends on their physical presence at work, you can only show up for others when you have shown up for yourself. What type of care and support are you going to provide to those who depend on you when you have run yourself so ragged that you can no longer perform at all? When you fail to take the momentary pauses necessary to care for yourself, whether it be a doctor visit or massage appointment, a personal day at home with a warm drink and a blanket, a walk in the park or a visit with your mental health provider, a brunch with friends or a visit with your hypnotherapist, make sure you take the time now. Because, what you don’t want is to neglect your own needs for so long that one day you are out of commission indefinitely and of no use to anyone who depends on you. 

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