What is the Key to U.S. Empathy?


In the haunting of Bly Manor, character Peter Quint tells young character Miles Wingrave that life is all about keys. “See people are like locked rooms. They’ve all got different locks and you’ve got to guess the shape of their key.” I think we are more like mansions of many rooms and trap doors which require so many different key chains. People are complicated to say the least. If individuals are complicated, then societies are no less. 

So, What Combination Of Keys Is Required For The United States To Implement A Serious Gun Ban? What Would It Take For Us To Value Something Else More Than The Abstract “Right To Bear Arms?” The Key Clearly Isn’t The Knowledge That Your Maintenance Of That Right Also Contributes To The Fatal Environment That Our Schools Have Become. So What Is The Key? What Will It Take? What Is The Shape Of They To Your Resolve To Release Your Right To Bear Arms? 

It Clearly Isn’t 19 4th Grade Children At Robb Elementary Or The 20 Elementary Students At Sandy Hook Elementary? So What Is It? It Certainly Isn’t The Eight Teachers And Staff Who Lost Their Lives At Those Schools Or The Grieving Friends, Parents, And Families Of Those Who Died. So What Is? What Is The Shape Of The Key That Will Unlock Your Empathy? If My First Born Isn’t A High Enough Currency. . . What Is?

Inflation Sure Is Hitting Hard When The Death Of Children Can’t Purchase A New Law To Change The Future.

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