Will hypnotherapy help me?


If You Believe Hypnotherapy Will Help You, You Are Correct. If You Believe Hypnotherapy Will Not Help You, You Are Correct.

Let’s start by defining the word hypnotherapy. It is the use of hypnosis for therapeutic purposes. Studies have shown hypnotherapy to be a useful therapeutic tool in multiple areas of concern. As with any psychological intervention, participation is up to the person seeking the healing. The desire to facilitate one’s own healing is a necessary catalyst to change. Hence the statement, whether you believe hypnotherapy will help you or not, you are correct. 


I am your hypnotherapist; the guide on your subconscious journey within. A guide needs a traveler and that traveler is you. You are the one who must define that journey. This begins in the initial consultation. So, if you found this video, odds are you are searching for something that you haven’t found yet. For something that will help you accomplish a level of healing you haven’t yet. Well, you are on the right path. 


Hypnotherapy brings together relaxation, meditation, visualization, and tried and true therapeutic techniques to synthesize the unique healing you’re in search of. Those techniques are chosen by your hypnotherapist based on the pre-session consultation in which you answer a series of questions to help identify your specific therapeutic goal. 


So, in short, yes hypnotherapy will help you; when you choose it as part of your healing journey. 


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