What do hypnotherapists do?

What do Hypnotherapists Do?


During a hypnotherapy session, your hypnotherapist will guide you through a process to induce a trance-like state that will help you focus your mind, respond more readily to suggestions, and become deeply relaxed. 

What is a trans-like state? 

This trance-like state is also referred to as the theta brainwave state. It is a brain state that occurs when we are daydreaming or driving on the freeway. The repetitious nature of freeway driving induces this state. Other repetitive activities that can induce a theta state include running and biking. In this state we are more susceptible to the flow of ideas and problem solving because we are able to consciously detach from the task at hand. Without the need for critical thought, one can allow ideas to float to the surface without inhibition. Hypnotherapy utilizes this state deliberately for the purpose of accessing memories and making suggestions towards desired behavioral and emotional changes.

What are the conditions required for hypnosis to take place? In order to enter into a theta brain state: 1) You must feel safe with your hypnotherapist and 2) you must feel safe and be free from distraction in your immediate surroundings so that 3) you can comfortably dissociate from those surroundings.

What are the suggestions my hypnotherapist makes? 

Suggestions are created after the goal you have set prior to the session. If your goal is to quit smoking, suggestions will be made to help you do that. If you are struggling with trauma, suggestions will be made to create healing in relation to your experience. Suggestions personalized to each client. To be effective a suggestion must be logical and emotionally relevant. 

Can the hypnotherapist make suggestions I am not ok with?

The short answer is no. Hypnosis isn’t like the movie Get Out where the protagonist is involuntarily hypnotized and sent to the “sunken place”. Fortunately that is just movie magic. These fearful conditions are counterproductive to a successful hypnotherapy session. Therapeutic hypnosis fosters safety, relaxation and client desired outcomes.


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